• The general concept.
    I need to create an excel sheet that simply logs the current time.
    So, when I pass from an area, I simply click the button and it writes the time in the cell.

    Checkpoint A - (blank cell) - button
    Checkpoint B - (blank cell) - button
    Checkpoint C - (blank cell) - button

    I made it on the computer excel.
    But it does not work on phones.
    I used VBA Macros for this.
    I googled it and I found out that Mobile does not support VBA macros.

    I require it to be mobile, because I want to give it to my co-workers so they can log the time when checking each checkpoint.
    Why I thought about excel?
    Everyone at work has either an android or iOS phone.
    Excel sheet should be compatible for both.

    Should I consider using a different program?
    If so, which one and kindly point me into the right direction.
    Thank you very much for the time.

  • A quick review on Google shows that Microsoft has not provided the programming for VBA to run on Android or iOS. You can do the Googling yourself for that for confirmation.

    There are several companies out there that will charge you a fee to convert your Excel/VBA project so it can run on Android, etc. I didn't do a deep search of these companies but I suspect what is actually occurring ... your project rests on their servers and via their "app" your users are viewing a downloaded version of your project. It isn't really running on their cell phone, its just your project running on their servers like running Excel 365 online version.

    This resource ( https://support.microsoft.com/…&ad=us#ID0EAABAAA=Android ) shows .XLSB projects (VBA saved as a binary file) will run on Android. I haven't confirmed this myself ... Microsoft is

    stating it. You might give that a go and see what happens.

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