Excel /Outlook VBA Code Amending

  • Hi Guys,

    I've attached VBA Outlook code. The routine generates a list of emails to Excel based on column headers and then extracts a list of attachments to a designated folder. Could I please request help in amending existing attached VBA Code. I'm trying to do two things:

    When the macro runs, generates an input box to only download Outlook attachments on and after a certain date - This relates to the Export to Excel element of code. It only needs to be in this part.

    I've tried to add an "IF" statement at the foot of the code - relating to the downloading attachments to designating folder element of the code - while the date element works great, I am also trying to ensure that only attachments that exceed 20KB or more are included.

    I know the code is far from ideal and super slow, but I'm a VBA noob. Any help really appreciated.

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