Typed number auto convert as date

  • Hi,

    I want to know about know something.

    Suppose I have a workbook where lots of date to be input. The date format is like dd/mm/yyyy.

    I have to type "/" every separation of day month and year.

    Now the thing is, supposed I type 02092021 its automatically converts into 02/09/2021.

    also, select which column converts automatically as date, otherwise, all number converts as a date make my workbook invalid :rolleyes:.

    Is it possible :/ to convert a string as a date?

    any suggestion:?:

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, Royuk

    Thanks for the below code or link


    The procedure below is for USA-style dates (mm dd yyyy format). but in my excel date format is in European style dates (dd mm yyyy)

    I try to convert the DateStr (European style dates format) using the below code


    But It doesn't work.

    Can Someone give suggestions on what to change and where to change in the code?

    Thanks in advance.

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