Alphanumeric Sorting for multiple columns

  • Can anyone help me with an alphanumeric sorting code for multiple columns sorting (column by column sorting) advance.

    Also let me know If the following code can be used for multiple columns:

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    Dear All,

    I have attached a sample of requirements.

    My data is in the format "# = XXXX" where # can be any number between 1 to 500 and XXXX can any number alphabets. I have to sort the data in descending order based on the digits. I am not concerned about the order of the alphabets. Also, the number of columns in the worksheet is very large (more than 1000). So I cant not work on individual columns. I think only a macro can help me here. I hardly have any experience in coding. The code I shared in my earlier email extract the numbers from a cell and sorts the first column based on the numbers. But it works for a single column only. I am not sure how to modify the code for it to work for 1000 of columns at a go. Thanks in advance.

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    try this

    sub test()
    Do While ActiveCell.Address <> Range("IV1").End(xlToLeft).Offset(0, 1).Address
    ''''your code here
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
    End Sub

    hope this helps

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