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    I have been doing macro recently (just a newbie) and I need a functionality that, I have a TextBox (ActiveX) and when I enter a specific text to that text box, the text or word (not the rows or columns) will be deleted in active sheet. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  • Why do you need a TextBox or even VBA? You can simply use Find and Replace.

    Hello, yes, I just realized that. But maybe I was not able to state my objectives thoroughly. Here how it goes:

    Just a particular text in column will be deleted and not the entire row. Example in Column G, columns have this:

    HERR-101, HERG-789, HERT-789

    Only the "HERR-101" will be deleted and will retain "HERG-789", "HERT-789". The number after "HERR" is also changing so I am thinking of just using "HERR-".

    I got this in web but it looks like the entire column is deleting, maybe you can help on this please. Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    This was the solution:

  • I would suggest that you simply need Find & Replace manually or in VBA. It's hard to say without seeing an example of the worksheet.

    I've edited your last post to make it readable, I don't know why it wasn't before.

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