Button that copy tables from one sheet to another

  • Hi guys

    Im trying to make a exceldokument with vba where i have a certain area on sheet1 that is printable, i would like to make some buttons in a meny with 10 different options to insert rows/table to the printable area. And ofcourse also to remove from the area. So the deal is that i would like to have for example button1 to include 4x2 table with name table1. next button should be button2 and insert 4x16 table underneith the first table. and it should be automatic choosing the first free row +1.

    this is a document where i can make some hardware setup, first to choose the hardware from the buttons, and when i put in the hardware i will customize the tables in the printable area with information. This is so it will be easy for the user to choose correct hardware from a pre set list of hardware. I dont also know how to make a remove button for each inserted table easy. so for example i insert 20 hardware config to the printable area and then i change my mind about nr 15 and wanna remove it/change it.

  • Check attached file.

    I want my buttons on right side in insert tables on the left side of screen where it will be printable area (the white area)

    For example if you press the button "lägg till cpu" then you are prompted with two options of CPU's. You click the one you want and pop it adds on the left side. and next configuration in the step should be button "lägg till modul" the ypu will prompted with maybe 10 different modules. and these "tables" will be added after the cpu in the left side. So the configuration could look like:

    The thing is that I dont get how to make so i can also remove a certain module, if i for example add incorrect one and i wanna like "go back" and redo. So would be nice somehow. The CPU should always be added in fixed cells, but modules should be litle dynamic. Because module 1 can have 6 rows and module 2 can have 16 rows, so it cant be fixed cells.

    1 CPU
    2 Module 1
    3 Module 2
    4 Module 3
    and so on.

    I hope this helps :) Sometimes so hard to explain what you have in head :D

  • I'm sorry but maybe if you add some dummy data into the worksheet and indicate how you want that Data in the report sheet it might be easier to understand.

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