Use VBA to Copy & Paste Unique Value from One Worksheet to Another (Paste as Values)

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  • Hi there,

    I need help to create a VBA code that will allow me to extract values from a list (Column Q) in sheet "LW SKU Data" and paste into another sheet "Brand Recap" to column A (starting in row A14.) I'd want to paste as values, as the list in column Q is using a VLOOKUP to find the values from a different sheet.Lookinng to paste UNNIQUE VALUES with no blanks.

    Will someone please tell me the code that would allow this? I am trying to create a template for multiple users, so the values will change depending on the data that is pasted.

    Thank you!

  • You will need to edit the sheet numbers to match your workbook :

  • Hi,

    This is working, BUT I need the values to paste WITHOUT formatting and to remove duplicates & blanks.

    Thank you!

  • Hello JH,

    Another option:-

    I hope that this helps.



  • You're welcome JH. I'm glad to have been able to assist.

    I gather that you worked out how to change the destination target from A14 to A6 (opening post/post #5).

    Good luck with your project.



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