STUCK: Repetitive action to be performed

  • I have table with 7 columns (PFA the table skeleton)

    Col A - Team Names, Col E - Points, Col G - Points difference

    The result is to set rank for the teams based on the following logic

    1. Team with highest points has top rank

    2. if more than 2 teams have the same points, then create another table (Table 2 in attachment) with only those teams.

    a. team with highest point has next rank

    b. if teams have same points, teams with highest points difference has next rank

    The point i am stuck at is

    1. if in Table 2, i have more than 2 teams with same points or points difference, i have to create another table (Table 3) and follow the same above said logic again

    The idea is to bring down the teams to a point where there are no more than 2 teams with same points or points difference and then set the rank for those teams.

    is there an easy way to do this?

    Kindly help

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