VBA - How to exclude rows from search results if a cell is = to a specific value

  • Hey all,

    I am wanting to exclude certain results from my search if one of the cells value is Completed and Cancelled.

    I have managed to find some code that loops through my list looking for rows with a certain value, i just don't know how to make it exclude the rows with the above values.

    Status1 & Status2 are the values i am trying to ignore. They are located in column 15 on the "DataBaseTasks" sheet.

    Below is my code:

  • Ok have attached my project. This is my first project in VBA, so i have been learning as i go along.

    The above code is located on the CheckScaleForm

    It is used to search DataBaseTasks sheet to create a list of Tasks related to the specific mine on separate sheets. I want the code to only show tasks that aren't Cancelled or Completed in these list boxes.

    Those sheets then are used for the 3 of my list boxes to display the tasks for that mine.

    You can then double click an a task and write a record for it and save it. Depending on your choices it may generate an email.

    There is an error popping up to but i will ask for help about that after this is sorted. One problem at a time. I have managed to get this far on my own. My code may not be pretty but it mostly works.

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