Save workbook after removing dropdown access

  • Hello all

    i have a workbook with 150 different locations, these locations are in a dropdown list. as you select locations the table below changes showing the wages etc (works using lookups)

    i need a macro that will

    - move through the workbooks 1-150 and save them in set location

    - MUST disallow dropdown in C2 after saving - wages etc are shown in the table once the location is selected .

    currently these are all on 1 workbook.

    need 150 workbooks


  • thanks so much

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  • update ------ the code attached works fine, it goes through all locations and saves as needed

    however these 150 locations (files) now have to be sent to the managers. we do not want them to be able to select the dropdown in C2 once its been saved and sent. (so they can see other location cash)

    i can get the dropdown to disable but then the code stops running through as it is set to run through the dropdown in C2 until the end

    all i need is once its saved to disallow the dropdown in C2


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