Sla Hours Between Two Dates

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  • Hello Wizards,

    I am having a hard time trying to calculate how many hours each user worked on a task(Item Number) based off a given report which is non-malleable.

    Each Item Number has a total time(SLA hours) which I was able to calculate with the below formula, excluding weekends, holidays and outside working schedule hours. Seems to work well, except when PM end time > start time. (It's probably bc of the US hours approach, maybe someone can propose something better? )



    For each Item Number, every time the user changes the owner it's leaving a comment, which leaves a date, picked by the report. If it's moved, until the task it's being returned, the other user is accountable for the time.

    I would need a formula to substract from the whole business working time how much time every user spent on the task. (back n forth between them)

    Is this achievable?

    Thank you in advance!!

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