Need help with fine-tuning the VBA Excel Mail Merge Codes

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  • I have a working Mail Merge Code which is contained in a Module. Then I use the call function to run the mail merge code on the document. Please find the working code below.

    Now Here are the issues I am facing.

    1) Currently I have created separate set of codes for each word document template (which contains mailmerge fields linked to excel file) by changing filenames in code lines 7 & 17. It would be helpful if a dialog box opens up asking for the Word document template which needs to be used for mail merge.

    2) Currently I was not gettion a proper code for saving the resultant merge document and closing the instance of the word application. I was using code line 41. I need a code for the same.

    3) Though the Word template uses field codes like \@ dd-MMM-yyyy to force the word to output dates in that format.. it does not seem to work for random dates which appears in several places. I need help in resolving this issue

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