VBA For Next Loop Selecting Wrong Cell after first loop

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  • I have written a script to go through and copy cells, paste them in multiple locations, then repeat the loop which is determined by the row count. The second time it goes through the loop it is supposed to select the same range as the first loop and then offset by an integer of 1 for each loop but it consistently copies the wrong cell on the 2nd loop and beyond.

    Where it says

     Range("B2:K2").Offset(x, 0).Copy

    It works perfectly the 1st time and then the 2nd time and beyond it ends up Copying cell P1 for some reason.

    I'm beyond frustrated...please help!

  • I need to grab any entries in Columns F - J on "Worksheet" and then I need to move them into a single column while also grabbing the TimeStamp in Column B.

    In the example data I provided, this list would look like this.

    ColumnA Column B

    B11 F11

    B39 F39

    B39 G39

    And so on.

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