Conditional fomatting rule to only apply if two conditions are met.

  • Really sorry for asking this and I hope its in the right place as its to do with formula’s but within conditional formatting, but i need some help with conditional formatting in Excel. i have a sheet and in column A i have conditional formatting to highlight any cell that is less than 10. However I need to add an exception into this where if the value in Column D was less than 2 hours (formatted as 02:00:00) then even if the value in column A was less than ten the rule wouldn’t be applied

    I did have the formula =AND($A5<10,MROUND($D5,"1:00")<TIME(2,0,0)) which worked initially but after closing and reopening the sheet no longer appears to be working when I paste in my new data I’m not 100% sure if this is due to the order in which the rules are applied but no matter which way round they are and which way the ‘stop if true’ boxes are ticked it works once but then when trying again stops. I have checked and the range to apply the rule to and formula have not changed.

    Would anybody be able to help with either why my formula stops working or a more efficient way of doing what I need.

    My data starts in A5 and D5 and goes down to A58 and D58

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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