VBA Web Scraping

  • Hello all,

    I was wondering if someone could help with the last piece of the puzzle. With numerous guides and code snippets I've managed to get the below partially working, however, what I would like is for the resulting data to be pulled in to Excel. I know it is possible, but cannot figure out how to do it.

    The code below does everything the way I want, however I cannot pull the resulting data back in to Excel after "get element by ID convert" has run.

    For info, column A (any column really, doesn't matter) contains a list of UK postal codes (example data below):

    RH13 6EW
    BT14 7LN
    SA31 1TP

    Can anyone help? Where it pastes the data to is irrelevant at the moment. Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Unfortunately we are not allowed to help with web scraping questions. From the Forum Rules:



    5a. No asking to crack passwords of any kind. Doing so, even innocently, will get you banned.

    5b. No asking for help with homework or college assignments. We will not do it for you. This also applies to the hire Help forum.

    5c. Web scraping. Ozgrid will not assist you in systematically acquiring data (even in the public domain) from a other peoples websites. We will show you how to do excel/browser automation with generic examples and answer specific questions related to browser automation VBA methods

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