Run-time error 1004 Pastespecial method of worksheet class failed

  • 'Routine to track reject data

    'Written by Operator 7014

    'V 1.0.0 Initial version

    'V 1.0.1 Clean up of processes

    'V 1.1.0 Added save routine, edited method of date input, added WMTWeek, WMT Year

    ' And DC Number. Deleted form for date.

    'V 1.1.1 Removed button form that showed at startup (for compatibility with other reports

  • Some explanation of what you are wanting the code to do would help.

    Selecting is not necessary and using ActiveSheet constantly is confusing.

    Why are you using PasteSpecial.

  • This is a report I run for work someone else created it a long time ago I keep updating it but im not very good with it. When the error pops up and I hit debug it shows ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial highlighted. The report copies times and errors from another sheet and adds them to the main report

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