Reference to a column depends on the column heading

  • I am sorry it is proving so difficult!

    In some ways I am pleased - it just shows that I would never have figured it out!

    But I apologise for not explaining it properly at the outset.

  • This code is finding the correct column and the date to look for in the data.

    I'm getting an error in the formula but I can't see why. I'll take another look in the morning, hopefully it will be clearer then

  • It seems to not like the dte part of the formula for some reason?

    Leaving your code as is, but replacing the "dte" with a hard coded text, and it works. I did the same with "iCol" - but it is the "dte" that it doesnt like, which is rather mystifying

  • I have played around with quotes, brackets, spaces etc and cannot get this to work.

    However the attached code does work - looks a bit clumsy, but it works! So it uses 90% of your code, so thank you very much.

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