Select Cells in a Row based on column header

  • I am an occasional VBA user but far away from experienced or a programmer. It would be great if someone had an idea how to solve my challenge

    I have to prepare data coming from another system to analyze it. Some cells contain semicolon separated values that I want to transpose for better use.

    The first row of the table has among others headings like Work, Work_1, Work_2, Work_n. The data row contains, in the work fields, data like (text;Date;Text;Number) As there could be n entries of Work I need to find the range to copy before transpose. The first Work cell is known "AF2" but I need to find the last cell, from the work_n columns, in row 2 that contains real data. Another challenge I face is that there are numerous "empty" cells that are recognized as used. As one record (row) can contain 1 work entry and another could have any number of work entries. Any help is highly appreciated.

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