Saving Ranges and Chart Objects to a specified directory in a specified format

  • Example Sheet.xlsx

    I have been working on a database to collate Equalities & Diversity data for an organisation, the issue I currently have is how to save a series of ranges or chart objects, as an image file, each month, so that we are able to collate historical reports and not just current ones.

    So I have two related questions, I have searched through the forums and haven’t really found an answer that works for me.

    I have attached a sample with two sheets

    Sheet 1 “Data_Age” collates the age range data live from a separate sheet that is updated from a userform.

    • So I want to be able to save range (“A3:B12”) as a jpeg or png image
    • I want to save it to a specific directory on my laptop namely “C:\Users\Iain\Desktop\Database\Images”
    • The Month … Range(“D1”) and Year … Range (“G1”) are fed from another sheet, and the Data title is in Range (“A1”) … Data by Age

    …. but I want to be able to save the file in the following format “YY-MM-Data by Age.(image either jpeg or png) … So something like “21-Nov-Data by Age.jpeg”

    Sheet 2 “Chart_Age” is a visual representation of the data, so as above

    • I want to save the Chart Object as an image
    • In the same directory as above and in a similar format but something like “21-Nov-Data by Age Chart.jpeg”

    I hope my ramblings above make sense

    Iain C.

  • PDF files would be okay, providing whatever the end format is can be pasted into a written monthly report

    Iain C

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