Use a Command Button to Create a Worksheet from a Filter Data

  • Hi, I am using the below code for creating a worksheet of filter data. The code is created by Kjbox. Here is Link. Now I need some modification of the same code.

    I tried but it gives me an error as I am not very good at VBA coding.

    The request is:

    1. When the file created upon command button a summation of the "Amount" Hdrs to the last row,

    2. "TRA_Date" will be the today date,

    3. "Register Note" comes from the e2 cell value,

    4. "Narration" comes from the f2 cell value.

    5. "Address" as a fixed text.

    6. TSL Hdrs cell Text "C" but the last cell of the last row will be "D"

    Hope someone supports me and will be highly appreciated. Wish Kjbox will be again.

    Thanks and Best regards.

    The code is here:

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