Transpose Data from Rows to Columns

  • The stock data I have comes in row format. I need a Macro to transpose it so it is in Column format. The data always starts at A3 and I take the next 11 rows. Then I transpose it to Sheet 2 starting on Row 2. Row 1 are the Headings. Then I need the macro to return to Sheet 1, add 13 to the last row number used and repeat: copy and transpose to the next row in Sheet 2. Continue until it reaches a blank in column A. Ozgrid Transpose Stock Data.xlsx

  • Place the headings in row 1 of Sheet2 and try this macro:

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  • An alternative solution that requires no coding is with Power Query

    Power Query is a free AddIn for Excel 2010 and 2013, and is built-in functionality from Excel 2016 onwards (where it is referred to as "Get & Transform Data").

    It is a powerful yet simple way of getting, changing and using data from a broad variety of sources, creating steps which may be easily repeated and refreshed. I strongly recommend learning how to use Power Query - it's among the most powerful functionalities of Excel.

    - Follow this link to learn how to install Power Query in Excel 2010 / 2013.

    - Follow this link for an introduction to Power Query functionality.

    - Follow this link for a video which demonstrates how to use Power Query code provided.

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