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    Hello, I am attaching my code with which I have a problem.

    My problem is that with this code I open 2 files (and so far so good), when I insert the value "UT-E" in the source file, the various values are copied in a table in the second sheet.

    The problem is that whatever I write in the "SOP" column after entering the letter, number or other, the code switches to displaying the second excel file. I, on the other hand, would like it to pass to the second worksheet only if I enter the word "UT-E"

    I am attaching the 2 files ...... do not make fun of me .... it is trivial and maybe even long and incorrect

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  • It's hard to test your code and replicate the error because you have hard coded a path into the code.

    You might try changing the Intersect code to this

    If Not Application.Intersect(Target, origintbl.ListColumns("SOP").DataBodyRange) Is Nothing Then
            For Each xCell In Rg
                If xCell.Value = "UT-E" Then

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