Creating comments from data valadation results

  • Hello,

    So I have a single worksheet lets call it worksheetA and multiple worksheets with a single table in each worksheet. Say worksheets 1-9. I am using data validation to pull the name from the list and then using Vlookup to get some other information from said table. However, I have a lengthy description and would like that to be put automatically into the comments based on the data validation information. Is this something that is possible and if so any advice on how one would do this?

    For further examples say I use the drop down data validation on worksheetA D16 to pull the name Mark. This then give me information using Vlookup from Worksheets 1-9 such as his birthday, age, weight, height, etc. But the description of what he does for a living and who he works for is to much information for worksheetA so I want that information to be put into a comment or note. So that when I hover over Mark's name in worksheetA that information pops up.

    Thank you for any and all help!

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