Calculate Total Times Ticket Open

  • Dear Team

    I am trying to calculate total times record open from Reported Date up to current date.

    I will add new column called Total Duration where it needs to calculate DD / MM / YYYY , For example 1 Day , 15 Hrs , 20 Minutes

    Present Day - Reported Date = 1 Day , 15 Hrs, 20 Minutes this is the time ticket been open as its present day

    How can I do that?

  • Your Reported Dates are not actually dates but formatted as General so they cannot be used in formulas. You need to convert them to usable formats. Read this for an explanation of how to this.

  • Can be accomplished with Power Query/Get and Transform Data

    File attached for review. Note that you have approx 40 rows with no reporting date. How would you like those handled?

  • Hi

    There should be reported date, I will check data why it is not there, but If I want to paste new data it will not work, do I need to do something after pasting new data?

    Also why in the raw data there is reported date for all data but in the second table half of reported date not showing up ?

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