VBA how to evaluate the value of a variable from a text

  • I have an intermediate / high level knowledge in VBA, making a solution for a friend, I came across a problem that I could not find a solution for, I hope you can help me

    I will summarize it in the simplest way possible

    In cell a1 I have written the word VAR1

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    • What is this Function, FUNCTION_ WHAT_NECESSARY (range ("a1"). Value)?
    • Why do you need a Function?
    • You don't use Var1 and what point is it?

    You simply need

    MsgBox Sheets(" sheet name here").Range("A1").Value
  • It is part of a much larger code, I wrote the problem with a simple example.

    I have written a list of variable names, and I need to be able to obtain through code the value they store, through code at runtime.

    I wrote FUNCTION _i NEED, because that routine is the one I need, that from a string, I can obtain the value inside the variable.

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