sort entire row based on column contain three parts of digits, letter for each category

  • hello

    I hope find solution in this forum

    the expected result in first sheet . the second sheet when data are not sorted. so it should sort entire row based on column B for each category .

    in column A contains category for many items in column B: last column .I said last column because of every month I issue new columns so when sort data should take considering this point and when sort data for each category (PSR (LRD),PSR (HRD),LTR,TBR) based on column B should sort for each category individually .

    the sort should be from small to big for three parts . for instance when sort category (PSR(LRD)) 175/70R13 should see to numbers for three sellebylles 175, 70 , 13 .it should sort from small to big . every time add new data for each category or create new category and new data for each new category

    shouls sort for each category individually based on column B

    note: each item contain last letter C should be below items don't contain last letter C as in category LTR

    I hope somebody help .

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