Excel VBA sends ~50 emails sequentially via Outlook; but some not rec'd

  • I have an Excel VBA Macro that helps to create a schedule and then emails each of the ~50 people their assignment for the next day via and MS Outlook. Some of those emails are not received even though the correct address is entered. Has anyone tried anything similar? Does Outlook view the large number of emails as a virus and stop sending them? I can alter the program so that it displays each message, then I add my own email address to the cc: line and click <send> to send it manually. However, some of the emails still aren't received and I'm not receiving the email even though I'm cc'ing my gmail address. Any ideas?

    Our IT department is less than helpful.

  • Have you looked in the OUTLOOK / SEND folder to see if the email was actually sent ? Maybe some of the emails are still sittin in OUTLOOK ?

    If you believe the issue lies with the number of emails attempting to be sent ... you might try setting a pause between each email sent to see if that would

    make a difference (however I doubt that would change anything).

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