Test For/ Get Past Array "Subscript Out of Range" Error Message

  • Hello,

    I'm getting a Subcript Out of Range error for an array based on an Excel spreadsheet, and I can see that it is because there is a blank in the cell that the array is attempting to retrieve the element from. I have been trying to get past that error with no success.

    For Example:

    If cwlaArray(r, 3) = "" Then]

    returns "Subscript Out of Range" rather than True. I can't use an "On Error Resume Next" since I don't want the next lines of script executed.

    Here is the part of my script where the problem occurs. The bolded line is where the error occurs. I would like it to exit the If and For statements.

    For r = 2 To UBound(cwlaArray, 1)
        'Test whether the Customer Code in the CWLA File equals that in the Pyramid file
        [B]If cwlaArray(r, 3) = PyrCC[/B] Then
           ClientCode = cwlaArray(r, 1)
           PyrRow = ecell.Row
           Fname2 = "c:\Client Code Files\" & ClientCode & ".xlsx"
           Exit For
        End If
    Next r

    Any help is much appreciated.


  • Re: Test For/ Get Past Array "Subscript Out of Range" Error Message

    In that case you'd need to know the error number that was given with "subscript out of range" then you can check for the error number...etc

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