Why I cannot see the code for some Modules in Developer tab in Excel

  • Hello All:

    I am frustrated with a problem I never experienced using VBA code in Excel. I have developed over 40 Modules in Excel .xlsm file. For some reason, when I share the Excel .xlsm file via Dropbox, I cannot see the code for SOME (most) Modules in Developer tab in Excel. A few additional points:

    1. I am running Excel in Windows 11 and can see everything (all modules, all code).

    2. I Share the Excel file via Dropbox with another Excel users who is running Windows 10.

    3. Thare are other user downloads the problematic Excel .xlsm file to his laptop and we view the file using Zoom

    4. There are other shared Excel .xlsm files where this is not a problem at all

    Any help/guidance will be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


  • If you have OneDrive then try sharing with that.

    Does the code run in the file still?

    What do you see when you open the VB Editor and click on the Project?

  • Yes the code runs fine. I just cannot view and/or edit the code because it is hidden. Some Modules are visible. I closed all the modules, but still, only a few will open for editing... Very strange

    Thanks for your reply


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