Count Based On Specific Criteria and Reset If Blank Encountered

  • I've come across a similar post from 2004 titled "Count Based on Criteria and Reset If Blank Encountered" but am having issues finding the similarities with my issue, so am seeking some guidance.

    Essentially, I have a column that lists Days a Query has been opened (Column G), with values 0 and greater. I have several sites that have queries, so site 1 might have 10 rows with queries open, then there is a blank, then there is another site with only 1 query open, then a blank, then 40 rows with queries, then a blank, etc. I would like Column H to calculate the total number of queries for each site, showing each sites query total in the first row for each block. See attached image for an example, with highlighted cells in Column H where I'm hoping the totals for each site to post to.

  • Hi Bosco, that's perfect, thanks. I completely blanked on subtracting from the total, makes a lot of sense.

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