Can you use IF, COUNTIF & OR Together

  • I have a formula of =IF(COUNTIF(Dynamic!$1:$120,Fixed!$O$1)>0,IF(HLOOKUP(Fixed!$O$1,Dynamic!$1:$120,ROW(),0)>0,Fixed!$O$2,0),0) and I need it to also look at 2 more cells (Fixed!$P$1 and Fixed!$Q$1) to see if there is a number 1 in either cell to return. I've managed to change the formula to look at all 3 cells and only return if all 3 meets the condition but i need it, so if either cell contains the number 1. I have attached a test doc with the formula and what I need it to do and I'm looking for a formula as i have many of these to do where the subscription name is different but the friendly name is the same so should be combined into the one column, unless a macro can be made to combine all subscriptions with the same friendly name from sheet 'Fixed'. Thank you all.

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