us range with variables in cells or range

  • hello :)

    I do love vba a lot, and really a lot, but so many things are just too complicated...

    but this is one of the simpliest and still i'm not advancing.

    In my inputbox i want the sentence "filling in name", "filling in first name" and so on, depending on which column (K, L, ...) i'm putting new data.

    but he refuses all..

    the line If Cells(4 & dezekolom).HasFormula = True Then works well...

    these lines too:

    With Worksheets("gegevens")

    Cells(nieuwerij, dezekolom).Value = keuze

    End With

    then why is it not working to make the inputbox:

    dezetitel = Range(dezekolom & 4).Value OR dezetitel = cells(4, dezekolom).value ----- (both dont work)

    keuze = InputBox(Chr(10) & _

    "Deze lijst bevat " & aantalcontacten & " contacten." & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & _

    dezetitel & " invullen: ... " & _

    Chr(10) & Chr(10) & _

    "tik hier de nieuwe data in.", "NIEUWE DATA...", 10000, 5000)

    (keuze=choice ; second line says how many rows there are ; and after that this title & fill in : ... (which does not work)

    what is the solution...?

    thank you and have a great day !


    Peter 'Little Pete' Dejaeger

    All I don't know yet, is a challenge ! :thumbup:

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