perfect named ranges do not move along with moving cells : HOW can i make a link that will adjust when rows are added later ?

  • Hello :)

    My extended address list, containing all possible data of the people i know does to my happiness all the things i like !!!

    column M first name and column N last name for each person; and column Ax for the mother and column Ay for the father.

    the cells in columns ax and ay, when containing a name, are made a hyperlink so that when clicked the row of the mother/father is selected.

    that works perfectly !!! ... until rows are added of course.

    I have tried to change the range in de named range list from $B$144 to B144 but that is corrected automatically. And thus the row numbers

    do not adjust when rows are added.

    How can i change the named range formula " =gegevens!$B$34 " to a formula that will adjust ?

    or is there another way to make clicking on the mother's/father's cell name jumping to their row ?

    curious if there is a solution !!!

    and thank you for your time :) !!!


    Peter 'Little Pete' Dejaeger

    All I don't know yet, is a challenge ! :thumbup:

  • i cannot edit my post, so an addendum:

    to give you an example:

    my data: row 2. my mother's data: row 144. my father's data: row 171.

    column: B: first and last name. column ax: mother's name. column ay: father's name.


    cell ax2: link to my mother in cell B144; cell ay2: link to my father in cell B171.


    Peter 'Little Pete' Dejaeger

    All I don't know yet, is a challenge ! :thumbup:

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