Count or vlookup with multiple ranges

  • Working on possible countif statement but got confused when i added third variable.

    1) on sheet3 I want to look on sheet2 for Column A:A for "DOG"

    2) then look in column B:B for "A"

    3) I then look in Sheet3 "B2" which corresponds to Sheet2 C1to I1

    In my example i used 2023 as this number changes every year so i was trying to do a Dropdown with a Vlookup or just a count if but since i will change the range on sheet3 B2 i was going in loop with no success. Any help would be a bonus.


  • Thanks and apologize i left off my attempt on using a countifs off. The data I am looking at is on sheet2 and tally a cross section of the following.

    Sheet2 column "A" and "B" but then Year will be chosen by using Sheet3 Data Validation "B1" the references sheet2

    I have attempted to you use countifs but failed to properly reference "B1" Which is why i thought VLOOKUP might be the solution

    I cannot figure out how to reference the data validation cell in SHeet3 "B1". My formula stops at the 3rd criteria as it faults out.

    My results should reference year 2023. My struggle is the 3rd reference utilizing the sheet3 B1 and the ability to change that and get the proper results when the change the date.

    Thanks again

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