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  • Hi, I am entering single digit numbers into a spreadsheet. After entering each number, I would like the cell to jump to the right without pressing enter, tab or right arrow key. I have done multiple searches on google but can’t find a solution.

    I have attached a demo sheet to show what I would like to do. The Golf Canada website allows you to do this when entering induvial scores for handicap purposes. Perhaps they are not using excel to do this.

    I have to input 100 to 120 eighteen hole rounds each week. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hey Hamp,

    Until you're pressing Enter you're still gonna be in Edit Mode, so I don't think it's possible.

    You could use another cell on your sheet to enter one long number which consists of all your data, then split it up into single digits, listing them in desired rows

    This may work but I am not sure of the process to "split it up into single digits, listing them in desired rows". I am fairly new to macros.

  • Hi to all.

    hamptongolfer11, have a try with what I came up.

    I'm using function OnKeys to launch a macro to show the key pressed and add a Tab key. This macro is only for 0 to 9, nothing to do with Numeric keypad since they have a different coding and to all the other keys of the keyboard. If needed you can implement them (and fix any other bug :P).

    To move through the cells the best I could do was to lock the other cells and then lock the sheet. Doing so there would be no reason to use "If Not Intersect..." in the event Worksheet_SelectionChange but since it's a couple of hours I'm banging my head there it is and there it remains ||.

    There also is a problem with NumLock key but that's a Windows x64 problem, you can see my workaround.

    So, macro Worksheet_SelectionChange in the module of the sheet and the other macros in a standard module:

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