instr function to replace hyperlink : find name in column B that is mentioned as substring in column CP

  • hello :)

    in my quest to create an unbeatable link between person and parents, i'm thinking to use instr with substring and string:

    it could work like this :

    i click on a cell starting a macro.

    the active row is the person for whom we search the mother. (forex. mine: row 2)

    we copy the value of column CP in the active row that contains the name

    we search column B to find the name as a double string (column M & column N)

    the macro ends with selecting that cell in column B ... (forex. in row 144 my mother)

    who can fix that ...

    thanks for the help !!!


    Peter 'Little Pete' Dejaeger

    All I don't know yet, is a challenge ! :thumbup:

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