Index help needed

  • Hello Oz,

    I would like to improve a calendar and I'm attaching the workbook for your reference.

    As it is now it's using an index formula to retrieve a maximum of three daily events (c-f per colors) and arranged based of priority in the Mv sheet. Everything it's working as supposed, but I would like to have a start date & end date for those events while it should populate the period (excluding weekends) accordingly, because now it works with the "End Date" and if I need to add the same events in my calendar for a longer period (let's say 3 weeks) I would need to have 15 rows added, which is not practical.

    Another request would be for a formula to add the corresponding information in the newly created yw sheet, but just at a month level, having just the "Calendar entry" text and the date period

    Let me know if I can be of any help!

  • almahmoud84

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