VBA for copying Data in Sheets added by hyperlinks

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    Is it possible to have a VBA formula for my problem ? It can be also more VBA formulas to not overload the system. This formula will be used 59 times in the same Sheets but other Cells, it will always move to right hand side but not the Data taking in "Sheet 1" wich always remains the same position in "G3", "G4", "H4".

    In "Sheet 1", "A1" i copied data numbers of the internet and from that Data of "Sheet 1" i need to copy "G3", "G4", "H4" in the same order in "Sheet 2", "EZ3", "EZ4", "EZ5" with Font "Arial", Font size "16". Then I must copy Text (small phrase) from Internet in "Sheet 2" "EZ13" and Font must be "Arial", Font size "16" (i know it is possible to insert the Text in the VBA Module so i would prefer really that option). Then the "fill color" in "Sheet 2" "EZ13" should change color depending if the number in "Sheet 2" "FA3" is "+" or "-" so for " + " in RGB ( 0, 135, 60) or " - " in RGB (235, 15, 41) and the cell "Sheet 2" "EZ13" must be hyperlinked to "Sheet 3" "EZ14" and "Sheet 3" "EZ14" should have same colour, font and size as from "Sheet 2" "EZ13", then "Sheet 3" "EZ14" must be hyperlinked to "Sheet 2" "EZ13".

    Thank u all for your help wich is needed.

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