Excel 2007 index-match not showing result

  • Hi,

    Can someone take a look at my excel file and explain to me why is my formula not working please ?

    If you take a look in the file at the sheet "MOOZ.F" you will see a red cell. In that cell I have a formula that should show MOOZ.A E219 as a result but it doesn't.

    I found out that the problem is with the cell MOOZ.A A219. If I delete the number 77245 from inside the cell and I write it manually again then the formula in MOOZ.F will work.

    Can someone explain what characteristics does the cell in MOOZ.A have that it's not recognised by the formula in MOOZ.F ?

    This problem is present in a few other cells too. The formula works for some of the cells, but for others it doesn't.

    I tried to format the cells in MOOZ.A but I coudn't figure it out. I must mention that the solution should work on excel 2007.

    Thank you for your time

  • That's because many of your cells in column A of sheet MOOZ.A are formatted as text. If your option is activated in most cells you will see a little green triangle on top left and if you select the cell you will see a small yellow popup describing what Excel considers an error (numeric characters should be numbers). If you select 'Convert to number' and your formula in sheet MOOZ.F will give a result.

    To fix the entire column in MOOR.A select a cell with a triangle, press Ctrl+Space to highlight the cells, on top of the column you will find the popup where you can choose 'Convert to number'.

  • Thank you man.

    After I've read your response I checked an I saw that I had this error check disabled in settings. That's why I couldn't figure it out.

    I've activated it and now I'm able to change the cells to numbers.

    Thanks again.

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