How to Relocate a row of cells automatically based on the value in the cell

  • I need a code that will find a specified value/word in the 'B' column and then move a selection of cells (A6:E6) to (G3:K3). Can anyone help me?

  • From Marius44 :

    The macro writes data in column D (so you can compare them to the desired column).

  • These are the main points I am trying to achieve

    - I will enter into the cells Text Values from drop down boxes

    - It then recognises if the text entered is equal to "Assessment" in the "B" column/"Level" Column in "Table1" . (If it is another text value then it leaves it. EG. Class)

    - It then moves the whole row (Not the worksheet row eg, "E" Just the table row) that the "Assessment" value is found in to "Table2" while retaining the data that is existing there. I also need it to retain the existing formatting so once the row has been copied over I am still able to use the dropdown box to enter another row.

    - It then runs the existing macro that sorts the dates from oldest to newest

    Does that help?



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