Copying data from a specific folder to a master workbook and then plotting the data

  • Hi All,

    I would have some questions about the following problem:

    1. I want to copy data from .xlsx files from a specific folder to a master workbook, I've already made a code for it, but the problem is that I don't know how to make copies of the new files. For example if I have new files in the folder I would only copy the latest ones without duplicating existing ones.

    My code is the following:

    Also every wb is merged to a new sheet as you can see.

    2. I want plotting the data from other sheets on the first sheet which is the parent one. So basically what I need is that when I add a new .xlsx files to the folder (all of them has data in the same columns and rows) copy that workbook into a new sheet of the masterwb and also plot the incoming data on the first sheet.

    Is that possible?

    For now all I have is this code for making the charts:

    Thanks in advance!:)

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  • Hello Roy!

    Thanks for the information about the Forum!

    So what I need to do is that where I work, we have tensile tests. I will get three different data from one test, meaning that on chart I would have three lines. The test's data will be saved in a specific folder as .xlsx file containing only one sheet. The problem which I haven't solved yet is that every time I use the macro, it copies everything from that folder. Instead I need that only the newest .xlsx files would be copied to my wb while keeping the older ones in the wb at the same time.

    Also I need that every time I copy a sheet into my wb with the data, a chart should be made on the first sheet (which is the main or parent one).

    I will attach a file where you can see the main wb where all previous files were merged.

    You should see charts on the 1st sheet "Munka1" where you can see the 3 lines of each chart containing 3 consecutive measurements.

    Now at this point I have to change the sheet names manually to plot a new chart. It should be automated if it's possible, like I don't know every time 3 new sheet is being created, the code should plot those sheet's data into 1 chart shown on the 1st Sheet.


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