Analysing Data separately with the need of a Macro / VBA

  • Hey

    I tried non stop for hours/days/weeks to handcraft a VBA / Macro for my project, there a lot of useful help on the internet and spend many hours on searching solutions for my project but VBA / Macro is so sensitive to a mistake that it will not work, plus i have not done any courses on VBA, i would just need a working VBA / Macro once in my life for my project. I found examples for certain steps but i m missing steps, i can t find them in Forums or internet, also i have found no guides how to simple add Macro steps found in forums in one single VBA to get all my steps done in one VBA wich is me requirement. I m using EXCEL Mac version 16.57. So i try my chance in the forums as my laste option, i thought it would be easy and get it done fast, but nope.. I had a lot of fun and nice findings on my way, VBA / Macro is so a creative tool, a good gadget ! My Macro that i m searching must do all this steps in one go if possible, it would safe me a lot of time.

    So, Macro should copy Sheet 1 G3, G4 and H4 into Sheet 2 EZ3, EZ4 and EZ5, the next step would be Macro must fill text in Sheet 2 EZ13, font arial size 16 I know how to do both steps with one Macro Record, i would need help for the upcoming steps, next step Macro must change color for Sheet 2 EZ13 depending if the number in sheet 2 EZ3 is above zero to RGB ( 0, 135, 60) or below zero to RGB (235, 15, 41), this case red, this step i found no help in any of my searches and it is not possible to record this Macro with Macro records, next step Macro must hyperlink Sheet 2 EZ13 to Sheet 3 EZ13. Then, Macro must fill in Sheet 3 EZ13 the same text, colour, font arial and font size 16 as from Sheet 2 EZ13, then Macro must hyperlink sheet 3 EZ13 to sheet 2 EZ13, there i could use on Macro Record the function copy / paste and the hyperlink. I know how to do that with Macro Record but don t know how to add it and make it work with previous steps plus i m missing one complete step :(

    Is there hope for me, can u guys give me some aid,, please ?

  • As I said in your previous post, attach an example file with some dummy data and what you want to achieve.

    The problem is that you are using a Mac and there are not may sites for MAC VBA.

  • What's your problem. I have your previously deleted your post as requested. You are asking for help so why do you find it so difficult to provide an example file that will enable us to try to solve your problem.

  • hello

    I m sorry for bad communication. so i will upload an example file, i think this can be done by answering here? The file is s complet excel file,right?

    Again i feel bad for this mis communication of me, i do respect a lot forums and more there people who help to solve the problems.

    I wish u a good day

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