Create vba script to copy multiple cell & conditional format on cell (75$ USD)

  • I need a VB code/button

    My file is a construction costing and a planner. I need to visualise my cashflow. So I need:

    Work #1

    When I press a button on sheet "Job 3" "Job 2" or "Job 1"

    Ask for a start date

    on the active sheet for each row in column G that is not empty, copy to the next row available on sheet "Planner":

    column D on sheet "Active Sheet" to column A on sheet "Planner ,

    Column E on "active sheet" to column F on "Planner" Sheet,

    Column G on "active sheet" to column D on "Planner" Sheet,

    Column O on "active sheet" to I on "Planner" Sheet

    Column M on "active sheet" to K on "Planner" Sheet

    For each copied row, insert the Active sheet name to column B on "Planner" sheet

    insert start date in cell: column G, same row as Column B & WBS 100 ie: "Job 3-100"

    Work #2

    On sheet Planner, I need to fill the cell red if the cell does not contain a formula.

    Work #3

    Cash Flow manager

    On an other sheet I want to regroup upcoming expenses by month from the data on the planner sheet starting by the first month on "planner"

    1 row = month/year

    2 row = total expenses/month

    Our payment term are 15 days after the end of the invoice month. So for each task that ends in a month. the expense is calculated on the following month.


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