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  • I have a spreadsheet that is over-depreciating the assets. I don't understand the formula used well enough to change it to stop depreciating the assets when they reach the end of the useful life. Below is a shot of the formula and the Setup tab referenced in the formula. Can someone tell me how this needs to be edited to do that?

  • 1 Why don't you believe it is working? Narrow down the possibilities

    2 I added(inserted) a column next to the DateInService and put in the following formula in cell E3 =DATE(YEAR(D3)+C3,MONTH(D3),DAY(D3)) Then I carried it down - this gives you the Ending Date for Depreciating the asset. I didn't look at all of them, but It appears to be working fine.

    ON THE "Depr Expens" section is an issue: so after looking into this a bit deeper, the Summary tab (Fixed Asset Summary Tab) needs to have the SUMIF fomulas UPDATED! The range is/was not big enough (it only went to Row100) you need to update this to include all the rows. I would pick 2000 to pull everything in and allow for additional assets.

    Open up the GROUPs to see the individual months and you'll see the formula. I went to cell C32 on Fixed Asset summary -Modify them to be =SUMIFS('Depreciation Schedule'!H$3:H$5000,'Depreciation Schedule'!$A$3:$A$5000,'Fixed Asset Summary'!$B32) and update the other months....then you may be in better shape!

    Before doing any changes, MAKE A BACK UP just in casse!

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    If you look at the prior Acc Depreciation column (F) on all of the fully depreciated items, they are over-depreciated. For example, the first item was put in service on 8/15/11 and had a cost of $139,406.50 The prior accumulated depreciation amount is $233,488.72.

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