If data changes, how to show only new changes?

  • Hello!

    With the help of the function, data is loaded that is constantly (every minute) automatically changed in the "dynamic data" column. This data is updated in all rows at once.

    :?:My task:

    If the value of B7 has changed since the last change, then we display the "name: Delta" in cell C7. If not, leave the cell C7 empty. The file have little example.

    This VBA will be work for the rest of the rows below.

    There are many such lines (more than 600)"

    UnfortunatelyX/, I have a code that only works for one row and it does not accept changes via a function (because the data is passed from a third-party application via a function)

  • My suggestion without knowing any thing about you project:

    With the help of your Function, before updating column B I would copy the old data from column B into a hidden helper column (maybe somewhere in the sheet, in your example lets say column H) and only then update column B. With a formula in column C compare new data in column B against old data in the hidden column. Formula for column C:


    If you can't make any changes to your Function just have the copy of the old data done by the macro you have showen above.

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