Add pre-defined text to a cell based on input from a different cell

  • I want to have VBA code add specific words to a cell (B2), based on a string of letters in a different cell (A1)...

    As an example I have 10 buildings, each represented by a string of letters. In cell A1, I want to input the building designation (ie: "bnumber3".. but each building number has a different text string), and then I want a pre-defined text string to populate cell B2... something like "3 bedroom and 3 garages".

    There is already some vba in the file, but not performing the functionality mentioned above.


  • vwankerl

    Thanks for the response...I thought I had the file working OK for awhile, but have managed to ruin the original macro. Will rebuild the sheet and see where I stand after that.


  • I'm not sure what I have done , but now I am getting the following error code:

    Microsoft Visual Basic

    Run Time Error '1004"

    Unable to get the Characters property of the Range class"

    I opened an earlier version of the file, but now get the same error for it as well.

    Can someone steer me to the error resolution?


  • Attach your workbook, it is impossible to say what is wrong without seeing the workbook structure and the ciode.

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