Use Solver or other tool to find max value needed

  • Hi,

    So I have the following scenario I’m trying to test out:

    There is a multi-stage contest with 30 participants. Participant 1 has a goal of finishing the competition in the top 10. The first round of the competition is complete and Participant 1 would like to determine the highest number of points they can obtain in the next round in order to achieve 10th place or higher.

    The assumptions are:

    Participant 1’s place after round 2 is >10

    The scores of all participants in each round are x>=1 and x<=30

    Scores must be integer values

    Ties are allowed and the next highest place would take skip a place (e.g. 1, 1, 3, etc.)

    is this something that is possible using the Solver tool or do I need to do something more robust using formulas/VBA?

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