Best format for angle DMS

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a best format to display angles in DMS. I want them to be in one cell in format [dd]°mm'ss,00000'' and that they can be used in further calculations. I have searched and found that using time with custom format ([h]°m's,000'') in excel fits best my requirements as it looks pretty and is easily used in further calculations as it can be converted to decimal degrees by multiplying angle by 24 and dividing by 24 to convert back to DMS format. But angles in that format are accurate only to the third decimal and I need accuracy to the fifth decimal at least.

    I wondering if there is any easier way to do it other than dividing minutes by 60 and seconds by 3600 so I can used decimal degrees in further calculations or VBAs as their result (from what I've tested) cannot be used in further calculations by converting it.

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