Conditional formatting with 2 criteria of 2 columns.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to achieve a simple conditional formatting where there are two conditions need to be achieved. The first condition is to find out which of the value in Column B is lesser or equal to 0.0500. I'm able to achieve this using the true false method with the formula below.

    =Column B<=0.0500

    Once the condition has been met, it will then need to find out which of these is the MAX (highest value) in Column C. For this, I'm facing some difficulties to achieve the second criteria conditional formatting.

    I have attached the reference as per below. Thanks!

  • Hello

    Instead of using TRUE / FALSE use this formula for column F (the one I used) = IF (B3 <= 0.05, B3, 0).

    In G3 put this formula = MAX (F3: F59)

    Finally in FC enter and this formula (choosing the color you like best) = B3 = $ G $ 3 and in It applies to this reference = $ B $ 3: $ B $ 59



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