Need a macro to delete rows regardless of punctuation

  • I have 49,000 fields to go through and I have been asked to delete duplicate titles, and some of the titles have different punctuation, which makes it so that the built in excel function - find duplicates - not work. I have attached an example of what I am working with. I am looking for duplicates only in column a. Is there a macro to help do this more quickly? Thank you!

  • Hello UA,

    Try the attached, the code is as below:

    Note that I have made the list an excel table, it is not really necessary just how I have been doing things lately. Just use insert table and highlight your table of interest.

    There is an error thrown that I have not worked out, but the resume next corrects it for the list provided, it may be quite slow on your large database so try it on a few hundred/thousand lines first and see how it goes.

    Copy of SampleDataMediaList.xlsm


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